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Oh no, where are they
the bananas are all gone
someone evil must have stole them,
but who in the world could it have been
King K. Rool, you dirty fiend
I'll track you down and seek what belongs to me.
I knew it was you when I followed your track
and when the baddies came at me, It came to me fast.
I'm going to find you with the help of my little friend
Diddy kong, the tough monkey, there is no need to pretend.

I've met some more pals along the way,
a rhino, frog, aparrot and a couple strays.
They know what you are and what you could do
that's why we will stop you us and our crew.
We're catching up fast, on and off the tracks
our little cart is quick, this is such a blast.
If you think you are safe you better think again,
you can never stop us, donkey kong and friends.

We've caught you on your ship and still you sit and laugh
you won't be laughing soon when we've kicked your ass
The End? The End? Oh yeah I think it's the end.
The End? the End? You bet it's the fucking end.


from fun sex happy hour., released November 24, 2014
Special thanks to Rare for making my Childhood memories fantastic.



all rights reserved


Noble Servant of the Ninja Brigade Wisconsin

Noble Servant of the Ninja Brigade began in December of 2007 and has since released 4 Full length albums, 3 EP's, a B-C sides album, and has undergone one name change back and forth twice now. The New album Nocturnal Stud Offering Touches and Naughty Backrub released digitally October 31, 2012. ... more

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