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Taken away as a boy,
taken away when he was only six
to train as a soldier
just as the boys of sparta did

will you survive?
these trials of will
will you survive?
and learn how to properly kill

we will augment
we will break you down
to see who is strong
and whose bones are frail

you know not yet
of the alien convenant
for now you must defeat
the insurrectionists

after we learn of the alien fleet
you and your spartan team
must go to reach to defend the fort
it's the last stop before they discover earth!

master chief
you have done an admirable thing
at the cost of most your team
the aliens have not yet seen
our home world planet earth
the secret location of the ark
so go to sleep
and wake up when your in need.

will you survive?
these trials set beforth
will you survive
a tale that's never been told

you will struggle
you will fight for your life
and you will meet terror
when there is no more light

Destroy the halo, before it destroys all
to cut the flood off, from eating everything
destroy the halo, with the autumns engines.
make it out in time, or you will join them.


from fun sex happy hour., released November 24, 2014
Special thanks to Bungie, Jason Jones, and Alex Seropian for creating an adventure I will enjoy for the rest of my life, the memories, friends made, and the most fun I've ever had. ♥



all rights reserved


Noble Servant of the Ninja Brigade Wisconsin

Noble Servant of the Ninja Brigade began in December of 2007 and has since released 4 Full length albums, 3 EP's, a B-C sides album, and has undergone one name change back and forth twice now. The New album Nocturnal Stud Offering Touches and Naughty Backrub released digitally October 31, 2012. ... more

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